In addition to helping the PTP team reach their fundraising goal, you can spread awareness about their journey by buying merchandise! No voice is too small to make difference in the fight against child sex trafficking.

Get Go Rings!

Go Rings partners up with groups of cause-driven individuals as a fundraising tool, giving up to 30% of each sale made to fund their cause, mission, or charitable venture. We’re lucky to be one of their current partners!

They also created a brand new bracelet [pictured above, middle] which is a beautiful representation of our 1,700 mile journey and the wheels on our bikes. 20% of each Pedal The Pacific bracelet bought in the next 2 months will go to The Refuge. And, if you choose Pedal the Pacific as your chosen partner on any Go Rings purchase, an additional 30% will be donated! 


Shop our collaboration with Dot & Dash Designs!

In partnership with Dot & Dash Design, our 2018 team chose a phrase that they believe encapsulated Pedal the Pacific - both to gift to the 2019 team, and for our friends, family, and followers to purchase in support. In the words of last year’s team…

“We chose the words ‘Worth It’ for so many reasons. We want it to serve as a personal reminder for the 2019 team that every day, mile, and tough hill is worth it because of the greater impact that this ride will have - on themselves and the world around them. We chose it because the girls we ride for are worth everything and we want them to know that. We chose it because every cent that we raise toward The Refuge is worth it. We chose it for you, our friends and family, that support Pedal the Pacific - for the days when nothing feels right and life is crazy, to serve as a tangible reminder to keep going, keep fighting. Because in the end it’ll all be worth it.”


Purchase a Pedal the Pacific T-Shirt