Fundraising Update: $138,101.47 of $250,000

*this number is updated manually and was last updated on 7/26

Help us reach our goal by July 31, 2018!!


 We are riding to raise money for The Refuge for DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking). The mission of The Refuge is to create a safe space for survivors, called The Refuge Ranch. Their facility broke ground in October 2016, is set to open on August 1st - the day after we finish our ride. The Refuge Ranch will be a long-term healing ranch for young girls ages 11-19 who have been rescued from sex trafficking here in the United States. Each girl will have her own plan of restoration, which will include on site schooling through a University of Texas Charter School, therapeutic programs that include equine, art, music and pet therapy, along with one on one counseling and group therapy with licensed professional therapists. At capacity, it will house 48 girls, which will be the largest facility of its kind in the nation. By supporting The Refuge for DMST, we hope others will recognize that sex trafficking occurs within their own communities and empower them to seek their own opportunities to get involved locally.


*this list does not include all donations made via Venmo @pedalthepacific

06/29/2018Wayne Musgrave 

06/27/2018 Ricky Trione
We are praying for all of you having a very Safe Ride! We are very Proud of Our Hometown Young Lady, Madi Warner!!!

I talked with some of the riders in Longview, Washington, after a long climb, and i liked their mission.

06/26/2018Sophie Roach
i love you and you rock! sorry i only have $7 to my name!

06/25/2018Rebekah Weber

06/25/2018Gary Bucher

06/24/2018David Benavidez
A great niece pedaling for a great cause. Your family is proud of you Mattie !!

06/23/2018Allison Biggs

06/23/2018Carrie French
Way to go, girls!  So proud of your efforts to fight for the rights of these precious vulnerable girls.

06/23/2018Jeana Taylor 

06/22/2018Bob Parr I know Audrey. I do not know Lizzie but I graduated from OSU in 1980. Go Pokes!

06/22/2018Anonymous Cash

06/22/2018Tracy Wood

06/22/2018Anonymous Cash 

06/22/2018Brianna Wright
So behind you and this cause, Mattie! We love you!

06/22/2018Anonymous Cash

06/21/2018Anonymous Cash

06/21/2018Judyann Robinson
Way to go Ladies!!!!!

06/20/2018Janet Lyons
We are so proud of you Kelly!!!! Love, Tim, Janet, Connor and Grandma Sue

06/20/2018Ann Nauwelaers
From your family in Belgium: The Van Houwenhove's, the Nauwelaers and Multimeat!!

06/20/2018Bruce BarnardPTP2018
I provide insurance for The Refuge

06/19/2018Kelly Ogle

06/19/2018Mason Hart

06/18/2018Kathleen Murray
Go Audrey!!!

06/18/2018Rachel Destito

06/18/2018Thomas Monaco

06/17/2018Chris Foresee
Good Luck! It sounds like a wonderful organization you are supporting!

06/17/2018Julia Fleenor

06/17/2018Brad Medford
Julie and I love you and are s so proud of you working to end this awful situation.

06/16/2018Jeanne Pfeffer
Go PTP 2018!!!!

06/16/2018Andre and Tana Hutchinson

06/16/2018Paige Kinder
You go girl

06/16/2018Mark Belmer
from Mark and Susie Belmer

06/15/2018Abigail Surovik

06/15/2018Shanna Dutton

06/15/2018Alex Flores
You go girl!

06/15/2018Jason Caire

06/14/2018Bob Parr

06/14/2018Andie K

06/14/2018Spencer Hindmarsh
Stay safe God bless

06/14/2018Elizabeth Weber

06/14/2018Leah Briggs

06/14/2018Bobbie Richards

06/14/2018Gary Barnett

06/14/2018Linda France

06/14/2018Phil and Kristen Nelson
Go, Lizzie!  We are so proud of you.  Uncle Phil and Aunt Kristen

06/14/2018Antonio Rodriguez
Good luck

06/14/2018Carmella Clarke
DYW forever!!! Go change some lives.

06/14/2018Kari Robbins
I am so impressed by you girls. I’ll be praying for you over the next month and a half.

06/14/2018Knox, GG, Mac, AG Lawson
We love you big, Madilyn Warner! So very proud of you for being a world changer. We will be praying for you all summer long! You’ve got this! Xoxo,The Lawsons

06/14/2018Sharon Beaudoin

06/14/2018Stacy Johnston

Praying for you all!

06/14/2018Tammy Dore

06/14/2018Gayle Snowden

06/14/2018Kalyn Pate

06/14/2018Kate Fullilove
In honor of Brooke whose vision inspires us all.

06/14/2018Robin Baumgartner

06/13/2018Haley Medford
thats my girl !!!

06/13/2018Rafael Freitas

06/13/2018Melanie Crozier

06/13/2018ReillyJo Cavanaugh
You are such an inspiration Mattie!

06/13/2018Rachel Gruehn

06/12/2018Sno- Beach
Yay Harli!!!  We miss you already, but are sooooo proud of you!  Can't wait to hear about it when you get home.

06/12/2018Susan Lauchner

06/12/2018Anonymous Cash 

06/12/2018Trevor Sammons
Lizzie, Go get em sweetie! We can't wait to watch your progress on the ride and see how many lives this effort will effect forever at The Refuge.  We love you so much and are so proud of you! Dad and Ms D

06/12/2018Addie Cardwell
GO MADI GO!!!! Sooo stinkin PROUD of you—you are changing LIVES sweet friend!!! Sending you BIG love and lifting you and your entire team up in so much prayer!!

06/12/2018Renee Smith

06/11/2018Lisa Houston
Enjoy the ride!!  Thank you for doing such good things for our world.  Rick and Lisa

06/11/2018Tony Gilman
Good luck!!!

06/11/2018Janell Carter
Couldn't be prouder of you, Lizzie!

06/11/2018Anonymous Cash 

06/09/2018Ashley Wilks

06/09/2018Rachel Mcgrew

06/09/2018Sarah Seitz
Our local GFWC has been working on ways to bring awareness to Human Trafficking.  I'm proud of all of the young ladies supporting The Refuge Ranch!  May your pedal time be peaceful and rewarding.

06/09/2018Leslie Revel
Great cause! Love it!

06/08/2018Robert Moore

06/07/2018Renee SLabicki

06/07/2018Barbara and Howard Hardin

06/07/2018Allory Plamondon

06/07/2018Anna Claire Noblitt

06/07/2018Janna Massar
Fabulous women make the world go around!  Way to go!

06/06/2018Jackie & Mike Bebczuk

06/06/2018Alex Tollen
Go Kelley!!!! (i know your folks btw) alex and leslie tollen

06/06/2018Millie Meyers

06/06/2018Ann Winkler
Go Lizzie!  I'm a friend of Susan's from Miss Shelly's.  What a great group of women!  Stay strong, stay safe, have a blast.  Wishing everyone the best!

06/06/2018Carol Bennett Sollars

06/06/2018Margaret Jones
From a friend, Lizzie Sammons who is on a team biking from Seattle to San Diego

06/05/2018Debbie LaPoint
Praying for God's protection and for his name to be glorified through this ride!

06/05/2018Julie Mahler

06/05/2018Greenwood High School Beta Club
Lexi France is a student at Greenwood High School who raised awareness about The Refuge and it's cause, prompting the Beta Club to make a donation in her honor.

06/05/2018Lucy Dominguez
We love you and support this great effort Mattie!  Lucy and Gustavo Dominguez

06/04/2018Martin Mayne
The rest from the BBQ fundraiser Isabel put on!!!

06/04/2018Robert Weber

06/04/2018Richard D and Cindy L Read

06/03/2018Kim Emmendorfer
Good luck Audrey

06/03/2018Taylor Shingledecker
Kelly, we are so proud of you and are praying for your ride! Thank you for your passion for this ministry - you've taught us both so much. We are especially excited about the passion fund and will be praying that God uses those passions to bring girls hope, joy, and healing. Love you!

06/03/2018Jenna Routh
Love you gals.

06/02/2018Steve and Linda Jones

06/02/2018Adrienne Fox Luscombe
Geaux Madi! I am friends with your dad from high school and saw the video of your speech on FB. Very inspiring! Your generation is changing the world and touching lives at such a young age. You are most significant! Never forget that!! Good luck!

06/02/2018Juliet Granger

06/02/2018Karla Hardin
As a Licensed Professional Counselor I know how important your work is! Thank you for your efforts to give girls their lives back!

06/02/2018Margaret Jaques

06/01/2018Bill and Pam Carpenter

06/01/2018Marisa Phillips

06/01/2018Stephanie Sadler
My granddaughter is Sara Belmer who rode last year.  This is for all the girls riding this year!

05/31/2018Isabel Mayne
from fundraiser

05/31/2018Kathleen & Pat Wood, IIIP

05/31/2018Natalie Richardson
Good luck girls!

05/31/2018Margaret H Davis

05/31/2018Michael T and Mary A Ludvigsen

05/30/2018Lea Ann Roach
Go Audrey. Can't wait to hear more!  Finally getting around to donating,

05/30/2018Your Cause, LLC/ Dell Giving 

05/30/2018Garrett Coles

05/30/2018Jamie and Robert Schaffitzel

05/30/2018National Christian Foundation

05/29/2018Makynna Meegan Matthew Sij

05/29/2018Karol Day
Lizzie Sammons

05/29/2018Sue Ramsey

05/28/2018Philip O'Rear

05/28/2018Maxwell Newton
Kelly, you are truly an amazing individual! I am excited to hear about your grand adventure and the lives that you touch along the way!

05/28/2018Kevin and Lynette Barnes

05/27/2018Frank and Cyndy Gatto

05/26/2018Carol Ann Atwood

05/25/2018Sharon Hutchens

05/25/2018Sierra Laures
You go girl!!!

05/25/2018Alfredo and Rikki L Zeller

05/25/2018Isabel Mayne
from Christina Medina

05/25/2018Perry J and Reese B Palmer

05/25/2018Liz Nauwelaers

05/24/2018Kayla Uhl

Way to go Lizzie! I will be praying for you as you pedal the coast.  I have your cute picture on my bulletin board at work! I hope you will feel the prayers of your cheerleaders back in Tulsa!

05/24/2018Craig McElwain

05/24/2018Francois C and Lindsey A Bardi

05/24/2018Trina Nicholas
Madi Warner is my God-daughter, and I am so proud of her for her dedication and passion!

05/23/2018Lisa Rapfogel

05/22/2018Megan Stowell

05/22/2018Ann Dobbie
Good luck, be safe, to all!

05/22/2018Kelly Coles
Raised from fundraising event!

05/22/2018Jim Anderson
I am/we are so proud of the team and you Mattie.  Ride for HIS GLORY. Godspeed and God bless you! Jim A

05/22/2018Diane Rassi

05/22/2018Mark Leaverton

05/21/2018 Chipotle, Fayetteville

05/21/2018Tulsa Community Foundation

05/21/2018Lori Moody
God bless all of you ladies for working for a great cause.  Have fun!  Lori Moody

05/21/2018Savannah Nauwelaers
Money from fundraiser!

05/20/2018Annie Schexnayder
You amaze me Audrey!! I'm so inspired by how you are spending your summer to make a difference in the lives of other people. You're incredible!!!

05/20/2018Carla Herbig

05/20/2018Kelly Coles
Cash donation from Linda Hamilton

05/19/2018Edward Kruft

05/18/2018Dave and Laurie Hembree


05/18/2018Dot Hedman

05/18/2018Frank A and Darla G Vaccaro

05/17/2018Audrey Fleenor
Burrito Fundraiser Money

05/17/2018Liz Goldreyer
Good luck!  The Goldreyers are so proud of you! And what a great cause!

05/17/2018Allison Nixon

05/16/2018Isabel Mayne

05/16/2018Sheila Blakemore

05/16/2018Amanda Reichle

05/15/2018Danny Hawkins

05/15/2018Ashleigh Brown

05/15/2018Lisa Overby

05/15/2018Avery Leshan


05/15/2018Ryan Cadinha

05/14/2018Katie Lawrence

05/14/2018Susan Butterworth

05/14/2018Randy & Melissa Steger

05/13/2018Diana & David Stonecipher

05/12/2018Gabi Garrett

05/11/2018Polly & Wally Moore
So proud of these Girls and what they are doing

05/11/2018Family Hulme
I am interested to know how much of the money raised will go to the Refuge.  Is there a maximum that will be spent on the ride.

05/11/2018Anonoymous Cashier Check

05/10/2018Linda A Mohlman
05/09/2018Allen and Kristen BentonPedal hard Harli! We're proud to support you and love that you're stepping outside your comfort zone to do something for someone else! You can do this!!

05/09/2018Mary Pat Nelson

05/09/2018Wendy Lehane
What a wonderful cause!  Wishing all of you safe travels!

05/08/2018Ariana AzimiWoohoo!
Go Savannah. You inspire me!!! You are such a source of light and love for so many people.

05/07/2018Staci & Ben Brummett

05/07/2018Susan Belitz
I'm so proud of Lizzie for her commitment to this cause. Dee Dee

05/07/2018Susannah Smith
May God Bless each of you girls on this journey!

05/07/2018Michelle and Lacy Williams

05/06/2018Deborah Jacoby
Proud of you Emma❤️

05/06/2018Abby LoCascio

05/06/2018Kevin Cochran

05/05/2018David A. and Cortney C. Tate

05/05/2018H D and Martha B Maxwell, Jr.

05/04/2018Anne Lacy

05/04/2018Tracy Thorne
You ladies are awesome! Wishing you all the best!

05/03/2018Your Cause, LLC/ Dell Giving 

05/02/2018Matthew McIntyre
Isabel, I attended a lunch a few months back about The Refuge.  I heard the story of a Houston girl first hand from her father about her abduction for sex trafficking.  It was heartbreaking.  Good luck on your trip.  This is a good cause.  Matt McIntyre/McIntyre Family

05/02/2018Mary Margaret Hui

05/02/2018Denise Griffin

05/02/2018J. Michael Sanner

05/01/2018Isabel Mayne
Fundraiser for butt tattoo hahahahh

04/30/2018Harli Bruno

04/30/2018Isabel Maybe

04/30/2018Larry E and Rebecca A Krieg

04/30/2018Harvey Kanter
You go girl!

04/28/2018Ali Dupin
I love kelly and this mission. Great job girls!!!

04/27/2018R. Eric and Kristine C. Newberg

04/26/2018Suzanne Peterson


04/26/2018Liz Joslin

04/25/2018Amanda Pipes

04/25/2018James Sanwick
Awesome job Lizzie

04/25/2018Eric and Jenna Grubbs

04/25/2018Stacy Cushing

04/24/2018Charley Penney
Be safe Emma and have fun. God Bless you, this trip, and this cause.

04/24/2018Daniel and Melanie Ringold

04/24/2018Steve Stevens
Good Luck Madi!

04/24/2018Madison Miyakawa

04/24/2018Clare Moore
I love you guys!!

04/23/2018Todd and Kimberly France
We are SO proud of you Lexie!!! Pedal on Sweetie!! Good luck!!

04/23/2018Lloyd and Elizabeth Turner

04/22/2018Landon Hanna

04/21/2018Kelly Dark
Go Lexie Go! Love, Ashley, James and Kelly

04/21/2018Donna Wooten

04/21/2018Stasi Torrez

04/20/2018Mary Gross

04/20/2018Keith Birkhead

04/19/2018Abby Shears

04/19/2018Kevin and Erin Lewis

04/19/2018Victoria Bellamy

04/19/2018Michell Sikes
So proud of all these young women....thank you! Praying for your safety!

04/19/2018Jay Harrington

04/18/2018Vernon & Marcia Sevier
What a wonderful cause to ride for. I hope you all have a safe and fun ride this summer!

04/18/2018Charles E and Rhonda Y Wyckoff

04/16/2018Sharon Welvaert

04/16/2018Gilian Vermeulen
Congratulations on fighting for this cause!

04/16/2018Theresa Hagerman
Wonderful thing you're doing!  Very proud to know you and impressed that you all are get it done gals!!! Best of luck!

04/15/2018Clive A and Sharron C Seymour

04/14/2018Sheila Dundee

04/14/2018Darlene Parker
Your making a difference!! Hugs!

04/12/2018Peter LeccaGood Luck
Gabi and safe travels

04/12/2018Susan Gilchrist

04/12/2018Sue Hobbs
You Go, Girl!  God Bless all of you on your ride.

04/11/2018FRANK M KINDER

04/10/2018Robert E and Donna Nail

04/09/2018Allison Vincent

04/09/2018Diana Gore
Wishing you a safe ride and a great adventure for a wonderful cause!

04/09/2018Mary Beth and Ernest Glidden

04/09/2018Miok Chae

04/08/2018Audrey Fleenor
Misc Donations

04/08/2018Bernard Jamison

04/08/2018Lane Morris

04/08/2018Cheryl Nixon

04/08/2018Chris and Joan Armstrong

04/08/2018Pamela Henderson
What a worthy cause and great experience!  Be safe!  Hope you all have a great time!

04/06/2018Kathleen Mowry

04/06/2018Shelly D. Ledbetter

04/06/2018Lansing Pugh
Thanks for sharing your story on our brief bike ride together today. Liz and I wish you much success on your fundraising and a great adventure on the Seattle to San Diego tour.

04/05/2018Michael Oneal

04/05/2018James H. Parker

04/05/2018Patricia Long

04/04/2018Haley Stafford
you're my hero. I love you.

04/02/2018Kristie Davis
I love and admire this young lady so much!!!!!!!

03/31/2018David Brunnert
Good luck Emma!

03/31/2018Katherine Iwans

03/30/2018Brad Turner

03/30/2018Christopher Havens

03/30/2018Hannah Massoth

03/30/2018Kristen Reed

03/30/2018Nicolas Burke

03/29/2018Rob & Jennifer Jorgensen

03/29/2018Elzbieta Ortynska

03/28/2018Belinda Minzenmayer

03/28/2018Mary Pearson

03/27/2018Michael Orlando
All the best to the team!  Soak in the experience!

03/27/2018Brian Smith

03/26/2018Patricia Alcivar

03/25/2018Alicia Beller

03/25/2018Kelly Cook

03/25/2018Lynn Bucknall
Emma, you go girl! Good luck this summer! A wonderful cause and a lifetime experience!

03/25/2018Stephanie Kramer

03/23/2018Kristen Goen

03/22/2018Your Cause, LLC/ Dell Giving 

03/21/2018Donna Ramsey

03/20/2018Christina Noser

03/20/2018Shalane Orlando
What a great cause to be a part of Emma.  We are so proud of you :) We Love You, Uncle Pete & Aunt Shalane

03/20/2018Abby Moore
Hip hip hooray! Go girls, go!

03/20/2018Abby Moore
Proud of all of you!!

03/20/2018Abby Moore
Bike your hearts out!

03/19/2018Chu and Gina Kim

03/19/2018Lauren Fitch

03/19/2018Michael Bonahoom

03/17/2018Mike Sickendick

03/16/2018Jacob Frears

03/14/2018Cathy McNulty
Travel safe!

03/12/2018John Petro

03/11/2018Barry and Beckye Quackenbush

03/08/2018Joshua and Maria Rolf

03/08/2018Kendall Kolstad

03/05/2018Brenda Polivka
So proud of you!

03/02/2018Your Cause, LLC/ Dell Giving 

03/02/2018Betty and Lynn Sammons

03/01/2018Stephanie Loth

02/28/2018Marcella Fazende

02/28/2018Liz Floyd
Happy Birthday Madi! Can't wait to follow your adventure!!

02/28/2018Robin Kanter
More power to you!  You are amazing!

02/24/2018Elizabeth Morrison

02/23/2018Robert L. Safsten
This is great! I hope you all are able to ride safely.

02/22/2018Carol Phillips

02/20/2018Susan & Nolan Dees

02/19/2018Jennifer Dayo
Best Wishes! Have a great time Pedaling the Pacific!

02/19/2018Morgan Holecek

02/19/2018Bridget Hiett

02/17/2018Anna Lazenby
YES go ladies. Let me know if you need anything from me or anyone in Texas 4000. Y'all are going to kill it!

02/16/2018Rhonda Ralls

02/16/2018Helga Rose
Good luck Lizzie.  I hope you have a fun and meaningful journey.

02/16/2018Melanie Roberts
We are so proud of you. Love, The Roberts Family. Paige, Zoe, Melanie and Brad

02/16/2018John and Gayle Durie

02/11/2018Dean Johnson

02/11/2018Brian Tims

02/09/2018Mikayla Broom

02/08/2018Ashton Zeller

02/07/2018Danielle Mendes
Wonderful effort for a worthy cause!  My thoughts and prayers are with you. Remember to let me know if you are riding through the Portland area

02/07/2018 Title Houston Holdings

02/06/2018Paul & Jennifer McCormick

02/06/2018Sherry Fleenor

02/05/2018VIctor Burke

02/05/2018Michele Roach

02/05/2018Brigette Moore
Go Isabel!!!!! Love ya cuz!!

02/03/2018Mia and Matt Fulson
good luck Audrey!!  Praying for a safe ride!!

02/02/2018Ashley Allison
Good Luck Audrey!

01/31/2018Lori Worden

01/31/2018Natalie Shock

01/31/2018Rhonda Gruenewald

You go girl!

01/30/2018Dawn Hitt

01/30/2018Michelle Weller

01/30/2018Terry Buckley

01/30/2018Annie Cathriner

01/29/2018James Gragg

01/28/2018Jodi Lynch
Happy Birthday Emma.  You got this. Love Jim and Jodi

01/25/2018Polly Retz

01/24/2018Brenda LaRoche
Good Luck! #piphi

01/17/2018George and Mary Kouba

01/03/2018Audrey Fleenor
This money is from babysitting on NYE.

01/02/2018Danielle Carroll

01/02/2018Pat Starke

12/31/2017Journey Bailey
Proceeds allocated based on the discretion of the winning scavenger hunt team of Journey and Kelly's first annual 2017 Christmas Party.

12/29/2017Pam & Jim Dittmer

12/29/2017Bubba Smitham
Savanna Lovelace and the girls of Pedal the Pacific

12/27/2017Bennett Shilling
Absolutely floored by the work y'all are doing. What a blessing that we get to come alongside the Lord in this! 1 Chronicles 16:11

12/26/2017Nate Gillilan
Good Luck! This is so cool!

12/24/2017Shawnna Fleenor

12/20/2017Clifford and Sally Fleenor

12/11/2017Mary Bolling