Why I Ride: Audrey Fleenor

I ride because I'm human. Because I'm the same. The same as any girl who has been taken advantage of. The same as any child who misses their home and wonders if they will see their family again. The same as any oppressor who justifies the evil that is sex trafficking in their mind. 

I have the same dreams and aspirations as trafficked girls all around the world. I want a college degree. I want a good job. I want a family. Heck! I want a super cute husband who tells me I'm smart and amazing every day. Girls like me are not the only ones who desire these things. 

I ride because at the end of the day, we are not all that different. Because if someone I knew was a slave to sex trafficking, I would do everything to make sure that was no longer their reality. Because I sin and require daily rescue. Because true freedom only comes from the Lord's redemptive grace and unconditional love and this happens when his people understand what it means to truly love one another.

I want every victim and oppressor to be set free. Free of shame. Free of bondage. Free of darkness.

We belong to each other. That's why I ride.