T-one week

Every day, every hour, every mile we get closer to San Diego. We fight harder everyday and one day we will be done. One day we will have to go back to living a normal life, being completely changed by an experience that nobody else has done. A one day that is coming very soon.


The closer we get to being done we like to talk about the things we are going to do as soon as we get back to “civilization” and how we are all excited to have a bed and our own space back. But I like to constantly think and remind the team that everyday we get closer to finishing is another day that The Refuge gets closer to opening.

As we are closer to getting to rest and heal our bodies, 48 girls are getting closer to being healed. As we approach our last few days it’s hard not to get ahead of ourselves at the idea of being done. But we remain focused on every last conversation we will get to have, every last person we could potentially share our passion with, every last mile we are working through for these girls.


Grace and Sav recently wrote in a letter to us something about approaching our ending date and accomplishing our fundraising goal. They reminded us about the money we are raising. We are raising a quarter of a million dollars to heal a life. Another human being. A girl just like us. If that doesn’t hit home think about the younger kids you babysit, a younger sibling or relative, your own or future kids, those are the girls that The Refuge will be healing in less than a week. So, YES we are almost done and I never thought I would be here, but the place that Pedal the Pacific started for and advocates for has been in the works for years and gets to open in less than a week! People think our journey is so long and inspiring, but you should check out The Refuge for DMST.

So help us push to the end, help us reach our goal of $250,000, but most importantly when our journey ends The Refuge’s will begin so let’s continue to push for 48 girls.

The fight is never ending,

Emma O :)