It's Never Too Late

I wouldn’t label myself a “procrastinator.” I get my homework done well before it’s due. I have a weekly planner larger than some of my textbooks. I make sure my rent is paid on time. I’m a pretty dang responsible gal.

This is true in nearly every aspect of my life, except preparing for this bike ride. June 14th seemed really far away all semester. I am guilty of getting caught up in school work and having a bit of tunnel vision until finals are over.


Some of you might be panicking for me right now. Don’t worry, I have been riding my bike. Maybe not as often as I had originally hoped, but I do know how to change gears and I have mastered the art of catching myself when I (almost) fall. ;)

Finals week concluded about two weeks ago and I remember thinking “Oh frick, I am cycling the pacific coast, like, soon.” Up until this point, it did not feel super real. I imagined that I would know more about cycling by now, have been closer to my fundraising goal and gotten to know more of the girls on the team a little better. The truth is I still have some gear to buy, money to raise and questions to google such as: “How do you avoid getting hit by a car cycling Highway 1?”

Admitting that I was not very proactive about this ride this semester is embarrassing, but I think a lot of us can relate to this in one way or another. It’s easy to hear about sex trafficking, the foster care system, discrimination, poverty, homelessness, slavery, whatever it may be and think “I’ll get involved when I have the time” or “I’ll give money when I have a ‘real job’ with a ‘real salary’” or “Maybe when my kids are out of the house, I’ll start volunteering” or my personal favorite, “I’ll worry about cycling the pacific coast when finals are over.”


Life is busy and there are a million excuses that get in the way of what really matters. Is an “A” on this assignment worth more than the freedom of a victim of sex trafficking? Is the money I have better spent on another house plant (we have like 30 in our house) or a $15 donation to a cause that supports people and their humanity? My priorities are not in check, are yours?

I’m proud of the 11 of us from Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas that said “yes” to what really matters. We’re spending a summer raising awareness for a topic that a lot of people do not believe still exists. If I’ve learned anything over the last two weeks, it’s that it’s never too late. Thanks to the internet, I’ve experienced more encouragement these last two weeks than ever and thanks to Amazon Prime two-day shipping, I have nearly all of my gear!!

It’s not too late to get involved. Please help this ride live up to its potential!!

We leave for Seattle on June 14th and I could not be more HYPE!!! See ya in a few short weeks!!!