Day 6: Pedaling on the Hard Days

WOW, how we are already writing about day 6, is beyond me!! The time is flying. Day 6 started in Castle Rock, WA at Timberland Inn. The ride to Cathlamet, WA was GORGEOUS. We had a few hills to climb, but the views were incredible! However, pedaling in the afternoon close to the water had some gnarly headwind.

Truthfully, as beautiful as the ride was, I had my first rough day. My knee was hurting and I didn’t eat enough calories so my body was tired and my attitude tanked. Which is really weird for me, because I love biking which usually puts me in the best mood. But that’s the nature  of life, good and rough days happen. HOWEVER, our group was riding faster than normal which meant reaching our host home in Cathlamet in great timing.

Right before reaching our host home, Robyn had a flat tire, and changed it herself!! (There were complications with her chain, but our host fixed her right up.) Kalani and April graciously opened their home to us. We got to use their hot tub, and Kalani took us to the brewery where he is a master brewer. Another local Cathlamet couple, Kim and Steve graciously made us dinner. Those moments were so redemptive of the day I had.

As much as biking everyday, being with my team, and seeing new places is my absolute dream, I am learning that not all moments are glamorous and dreamy. The girls at The Refuge will always be worth these moments. A thousand times over would I have a rough day for the sake of advocating for them. Lives are being transformed and redeemed at The Refuge in ways I don’t have words to accurately describe. That is why we bike. We bike because we believe in changed lives. We believe in these girls, and what is on the other side of their time at The Refuge. We believe in the work The Refuge is doing. So we keep Pedaling, even on the hard days. 

-MC Mote