Day 3: Kinda Starting to Get the Hang of All This

Maaan day 3 was GOOD. 40 miles of nothing but beautiful scenery and flat roads. our kinda days.

At mile 10, we had a rest stop with the SAG and had the friendliest doggo to keep us company.
Mile 15, ran into the most majestic horses. and we can’t forget about the incredible video Isabel took of the cows running along side her on her bike. And once again, we were met with the kindest people with the kindest hearts who took interest in the cause we’re fighting for. we even had a woman tell me, Mattie, and Madilyn that she was our adopted mom for the day looking after us - leaving us with a kiss on the cheek and an “I love you all!! Keep doing good!” (thank you Karen. we needed that).


People are so incredible. and to top it all of we stayed the night in DONATED ROOMS AT THE HOLIDAY INN - laundry, air conditioning, a soft bed...WOW. PILLOWS?! and if you think that’s good...just the end of the night, SONIC DONATED 11 BLASTS FOR US TO ENJOY. Just a great day over all. So while day 2 might have been a rough one, day 3 was there to be a morale booster.


We’re feeling more cohesive as a team. We’re starting to learn each other’s quirks, strengths, weaknesses, uniqueness, everything. Each day presents us with new challenges, and each day we somehow find a way to overcome those challenges. It’s hard, don’t get me wrong, but it’s rewarding and exciting to get to share the good news of The Refuge’s mission with the people we meet along the way. We’re only a couple of days in and I can already tell 6 weeks is going to go by too fast. New friends, new adventures, new memories. I can’t wait to soak it all in. 

Much love & gratitude,