Day 23: Berry Fam

Day 23 was HOT! Like MEGA hot! Our sweet SAG moms for the day (@keaton & @kal) made it so much better with helping us get our bikes all organized after our ride and taking our laundry to do for us:’) truly angels for that!!! It made our day just an inch easier but every inch counts out here!!!

I would like to dedicate the Day 23 Blog to the INCREDIBLE Berry family! We met the Berry’s at a campsite in Bullard’s Beach State Park! They have four BEAUTIFUL rambunctious kiddos that ran into our arms, around our tent, through the SAG, and anywhere else they could run! We struck up a few conversations about life, our ride, and their kids and it didn’t take long before we knew that these people were so special!! When we woke up the next morning we had breakfast burritos waiting for us to eat before we took off! I MEAN THESE PEOPLE!!!!!! 


We exchanged numbers leaving and hugged their kids so tight; it hadn’t even been 14 hours together and we were so sad!! A week later we were asked for prayer requests to send their way so that the whole family could pray for our needs! Then, they decided to drive THREE AND A HALF HOURS just to cook us delicious chicken and FRESH veggies and give us a real meal!!! 


We get texts from the Berry’s about some of the things the kids have said about us or done that has brought us to tears!!!! For example:

  1. On Mr. Berry’s instagram he put a picture of all four kids riding their bikes around the block and the caption was “Callie said, ‘Let’s play Pedal the pacific”

  2. “Bentley has been picking up more chores around the house lately and when I asked what he’s saving up for he said, “so I can give all my moneys to all the pedal girls”


The Berry family has stretched our ideas of hospitality and generosity in many ways and we are so grateful for their influence on us and on this trip! The way they love their kids will be an example for us when we grow up and have some ourselves! I hope and pray their kids remember us in the future because we will remember them forever. Mr. Berry told us we’re like superheroes to their kids!! I love them so much and I hope they know that they can do big things with big love and influence people in big ways too!! I hope to see Callie on PTP 2030, she’s got 10 girls ready to cheer her on the entire way!!!!