Day 2: Good Outweighs the Bad

Day two and boy was it a big one. That morning the sun was up and shining by 5 am and our bodies were attempting to wake up, prepare breakfast, put on our uniforms, and pack our bikes. We were without our fearless leaders Grace and Savannah and we were excited yet nervous to see what the first day would hold. We took a look at our elevation climb for the day and knew we would be in for a treat.


We started the day off by leaving our beautiful campsite and heading back on the road we came in on yesterday to get back to the route. We took a right turn from a very flat road to a huge steep uphill climb. Later finding out that nobody made it up that hill without walking… yet we all made it to lunch. The first part of the day was lots of hard uphills that were steep and short but beautiful sights near a lake made up for it.

We had lunch outside a community college that posted about us on their Facebook and let us fill our waters up and use the bathroom. We all talked about how dead we were and the SAG hyped us up. After a few bike adjustments we were done with our lunch break and hit the road for the rest of our 45 mile day.

What we thought was supposed to be downhill from there turned out to be more uphills (yay). One group found out from somebody they passed that one hill was about an 8 mile uphill climb. There was a flat tire and several uphills that looked like they were over, only to take a turn around the corner to more of a climb. Day two part two was taking a toll.


But yet there was good. My group rode by a small mom and pop store in the middle of nowhere and we stopped in to grab some water. The owner was incredible and gave us water, and let us sign her guest book she has for cyclists! As we were leaving a man in a truck pulled up and asked us what we were doing- we told him about our ride and gave him a business card when he asked how to donate. Then he asked if he could donate in cash and pulled out a very generous donation right there. As the owner walked out to check on us she saw us talking to this kind man and she told us “watch out girls, you’ve met yourself an angel.” He denied that, but he was indeed an angel. He continued to speak wise words into us and told us no matter the hills or the ride we had great hearts for a good cause and we were his angels. It was people like him that gave us strength to push through to our campsite. Many other groups had similar experiences with even people driving up, rolling down a window and sticking a donation out the window. Many kind honks and “thank you”s as well.

The best part hasn’t even happened yet because when my group pulled up to the rest stop for the night (s/o Elma RV park) the sweetest lady Rea waved us down and pointed us in the direction of the office where we can check in and get homemade cookies. These people made us each 4 cookies and there were even extras! There we got to experience the greenest grass, our first showers, and so many kind people too. Lots of people said they saw us on the news and wanted our picture which was sweet. We gained some personal tips from a couple that was cycling the coast but starting in Canada!!! And most importantly we got the greatest hugs from Rea. All in all people around here are treating us so well and this thing wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for these people! I hope they are reading this because they are appreciated!


When my friend asked me how it was going in 4 words or less I simply said “goods outweigh the hards”, so yes this journey is only a few days in and ITS SO HARD AND TOUGH. But PEOPLE ARE SO KIND. More hard to come i’m sure, but way more good no doubt!