Day 12: Feeling 55

Our rest day in Newport was definitely needed. As much as we have loved the trip so far, we have gotten to the point where our legs feel like bricks and our energy levels are slowly declining. 

Today we went to a restorative yoga class at Volk’s Yoga and Pilates Studio. The class is generally for 55+, but Jeany (the owner) agreed that the class would be great for us considering how biking everyday has taken a toll on our bodies. We made so many friends and left feeling energized refreshed!

This rest day has had such an impact on our moods as well. We have had some pretty hard days recently. It is sometimes very difficult to maintain a positive attitude when you’re biking up a huge hill and turn the corner, only to find that you’re not even close to the summit. Being able to relax today has lifted our spirits and refreshed us.

As we have found on our previous rest day, days like this allow us to start even more conversations with people we meet around the town. 


We had so many great conversations today. From conversations along the beach to chatting with people at coffee shops, we are so thankful for the opportunity to share our mission and tell people about the realities of domestic minor sex trafficking. We have talked with people who have no previous knowledge of this issue as well as people who are just as passionate about eliminating injustice as we are. The support we have received has been incredible.

We ended the day with dinner and some physical therapy help from our Newport friends Doc and Marcy. We are so thankful for them and their generosity! They welcomed us into their town and made our stay so restful and fun.

We love rest days and all the opportunities they bring to rest, renew, and share our mission. We are ready for day 13!


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