Bon Voyage - Days 1-4


We've just finished day 4 of pedaling down the Pacific and we are just getting used to cycling all day and setting up our temporary homes to sleep in at night! We know we are a little bit overdue for an update, but we want to give you a little rundown of what we've been up to. 

Seattle: June 15-19

On Friday we got to celebrate Sara's birthday AND found out that an anonymous human was going to match every donation we made up to $20,000 until the morning we left. As you may know, we matched that goal AND surpassed it by raising over 43,000. It was ridiculous watching the numbers climb throughout the day. 

At the Genesis Project  

At the Genesis Project  

We also got to sit with some women who run an incredible organization in Seattle called The Genesis Project. The Seattle area saw a big increase in commercialized sex trafficking in 2009 - the number of women involved being as high as 1,000. This is the latest data on the area and I can't imagine what those numbers could be today. They offer various services from short-term housing to women in crisis to couseling to legal support to job opportunities and so many more. They provide resources for women to help with the transition out of prostitution - which is necessary and critical on the road to recovery. After a tour of the facility, we were so encouraged by the safe-haven and hope that they are providing for the Seattle area. 

Packing up our bikes was EXCITING! The management at the Mariott Waterfront in Seattle were extremely generous. They gave us an entire suite for us to pack our bikes which was helpful both for space and for our sanity. We were able to lay out everything we had and pack it all up. I hope our tents are comfy because they will be our homes for the next 6 weeks!!

Our last dinner before leaving Seattle with ABSURDLY SUPPORTIVE friends!! 

Our last dinner before leaving Seattle with ABSURDLY SUPPORTIVE friends!! 

Bremerton --> Toutle Ranch RV Resort

We just finished day 4 and we have traveled 135 miles from Bremerton to Toutle RV Resort. On night one we stayed in Twanoh State Park. It was a good first day - not too tough and not too easy. We are trying to get used to staying in state parks since we'll be doing it for 6 weeks (ha!!). You really start to get excited about the little things (like laundry rooms, water access, and bathrooms!) We are living in luxury by having single tents and we set them up in a triangle so we can sit in our beds and talk in the mornings and nights.


Our second night we stayed in Elma RV Park, and were greeted with home made cookies which was truly the key to our hearts. We tested out our stove and it literally blew up in my face. I singed my hair in the process, but we fully cooked our chicken so it was a success in my book. Our jerseys have been SO valuable because people have been commenting about how great of a cause this is and how human trafficking is so overlooked. Some people have been so moved by the mission that they take our their wallets and donate right on the spot. It's inspiring and motivating to see that people have recognized the issue and want to do something to change it. 

Today on our way to this RV RESORT (yes, I said resort) we stopped for lunch in Toledo at Betty's Place and they donated a meal and we had great conversation. When we were taking off, one guy said "I feel sad saying bye to you right now!" We loved that place I tell ya. So much so that I have finally found a name for my bike: BETTY!!! 


I forgot to mention that Washington is totally, completely, undeniably BEAUTIFUL. Green everywhere. Horses running through fields covered in flowers. BLUE skies (no rain for us... Yet). And the best part is we have time to see every tree and leaf as we bike through the country roads.

So far so good ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for reading.   


grace eating our chicken mac and cheese after the flames blew in my face :)