48 Hours

48 hours. 

48 hours until the team is reunited in Seattle!! Let me know if your heart just skipped a beat because mine definitely did. This is it - the day we’ve been waiting many months for. We’ve talked about it with our friends, our family, and spread the word to anyone and everyone who would listen and now we’re finally DOING THE DANG THING.


All the nerves I felt a week ago are gone, and I am feeling nothing but pure excitement. Seeing the video of the part of the team who got to tour The Refuge really did it for me - it reminded me what and who we are doing this ride for, and knowing the change that is about to occur in these survivors lives calmed all the anxiety I had recently been feeling about how the heck my legs were gonna cycle down the west coast. My 6 weeks of discomfort, new stories, and growth are nothing compared to the healing, new beginnings, and growth the girls will find within the 50 acres that is The Refuge.

As I sit here writing this, I can feel that fire beginning to burn within myself - that fire that started 6 months ago when I decided to join Pedal the Pacific. The fire that we hope to ignite in many people/friends/strangers as we ride this summer. To start a conversation about the injustices of human trafficking. Because conversations lead to actions. And actions lead to changed lives. So here’s to 48 hours - LET’S DO THIS!!! See y’all in Seattle! (p.s. please send a prayer because I still haven’t finished packing lol)