A Day in the Life of PTP

a day in the life of PTP:
This one’s for the moms, dads, friends, and followers who wonder what the heck we do each day of this ride. 


5:00am(ish): sun rises. everyone is confused and slightly wakes up until we realize that the sun is just crazy here and we get to sleep longer. 

7:15: alarms start going off. everyone wakes up and starts to realize the parts of our body that hurt/are swollen/how bad our allergies are. classic morning doses of pain or allergy pills taken immediately. 

8:00: a slow process of packing our things begins. pro tip: if you deflate your mattress pad while laying on it, you will be much more encouraged to get off. you can’t forget breakfast next! oatmeal every day. always oatmeal. if you don’t like oatmeal- grab a banana and peanut butter!

9:00: first group starts! oh wait, someone forgot to fill up their water bottle.

9:15: shoot we are late- first group starts for real this time. groups take off in five minute intervals to start our ride!!

10:15(ish): SAG sets up a water/snack station after the first ten or fifteen miles for everyone to have a rest stop. girls bike in and typically falls straight to the ground to lay down for a while. takes some time to get back on the bikes again.

11:15: someone probably has a flat. shoot. we’re getting really good at fixing these!!

12:30: the SAG picks up a (hopefully) donated meal and we all eat lunch together on a shaded sidewalk!! lunch extended as long as possible every time

2:00: first group takes off to finish the day. the SAG always offers up another water stop but, without fail, the team wants to power through and get the day over with

3:00: SAG calls every single restaurant and grocery store in town to try to get donations for food/dinner. If we’re feeling lucky we will call and ask for hotel donations (BIG deal if they say yes)

5:00: team starts rolling in to the camp site. every ounce of food in our sight is consumed immediately

6:00: SAG comes back with groceries and dinner!!! more food!!! praise the LORD!! we eat dinner ASAP

7:00: we set up our tents, shower, and do laundry (the last two on that list are only if we’re really lucky)

7:45: too early for bed? maybe. let’s eat some chocolate or ice cream

8:30: ok yep let’s go to bed

10:00: FINALLY the sun sets