Our Mission...

...is to empower students to raise awareness about sex trafficking through a 1,700 mile bike ride from Seattle to San Diego. Through cycling, fundraising for anti-trafficking organizations, and engaging in powerful conversations, riders mobilize their communities to make a change. Pedal the Pacific is dedicated to raising up advocates who believe that no voice is too small to make a difference.

$258,341 Raised for the refuge

*amount raised by the 2019 team as of 8/1


Raise Awareness

Bicycles provide a platform for open conversations about the injustices of sex trafficking - a topic that is often left unspoken



As they train, riders host fundraisers and use their voice to encourage their own communities to get involved in the greater fight against child sex trafficking. By creating a strong foundation back home, they are empowered to mobilize those down the coast as well.


Advocate for Change

There are an estimated 79,000 child victims of sex trafficking in Texas today, and a mere 24 beds for those survivors to find healing. We spread hope for change by fundraising for The Refuge for DMST, a long-term holistic care ranch that will bring hope and healing to an additional 48 girls.