Hilariously un-athletic girls starting a powerful conversation about the injustice of human trafficking by raising funds to build The Refuge Ranch through cycling the Pacific Coast.

We raised $60,226 for the construction of The Refuge for DMST

We know what you're all thinking—what is Pedal the Pacific?


Here’s the deal. An estimated 30 to 45 million people are trapped in slavery today. There are many different ways that human trafficking manifests itself, including sex trafficking, forced labor, and the abuse of power. There are millions of people afraid to walk down their streets or step out of their front door - in fear that they will be abused or mistreated. The worst part is that it's not just happening overseas, but human trafficking is prevalent in our states, cities, and even our own neighborhoods.

We are simply three women who have had our eyes opened to the devastating reality of this injustice. We acknowledge that anyone can make a difference, and so we made a decision to try and bring awareness to those who cannot currently help themselves. Due to our lack of experience and athleticism, biking down the Pacific Coast may seem strange and difficult yes, but it is out of a "comfort zone" that those affected by human trafficking are not granted with. We want to take action that will cause people to question why on earth we would commit to something in which we have no knowledge or experience. The more people ask us "why?", the more opportunities we get to shed a light on this issue.

Our hope is that this campaign will not only spark conversation about the harsh reality of modern day slavery, but it will spur others to take action. We invite you to follow our journey as we use this website to dig deeper into the issue and the people/organizations that have dedicated their lives to usher millions of oppressed into freedom. We will also be using this blog and our various social media accounts to keep you updated on our planning, training, and execution of our trip down the West Coast. Thanks for believing in our journey and joining the fight. We fully believe that the first step towards change is awareness.

- Sara, Savannah & Grace